Surviving Sandy

1. Lots of blankets for cuddling.

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

3. Earl Grey tea

4. Peanut butter, Nutella, and bananas on toast

Surviving Sandy

We’ve hunkered down into our apartment, enjoying the power while it lasts. The wind whips onto our window screens to remind us how powerful this storm is. The TV is playing weather reports over and over. Obama wants us to be safe.

We’ve loaded up on bread, peanut butter, fruit, canned foods, and we filled our camping water jug with five gallons of water. The freezer is stocked with ice and other goodies.

In August 2011 we experienced an earthquake followed by hurricane Irene. Last October there was snow at the end of the month and it was the only snow we really saw all winter. Over the summer we had the derecho.

I guess there’s just never a dull moment here on the East Coast.


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