This is (was) Halloween

Well, we survived “Superstorm” Sandy just fine, except our Internet and phone line have been down since Monday. So my Halloween post has been delayed a few days. Oh well.

I wanted to share with you what Halloween looked like in our apartment.
Boo! Wreath
This was my first attempt at making a wreath, and of course I have Pinterest to thank for the inspiration behind this wreath. It took a lot longer than expected, but it was a nice activity to keep me busy in between periods of job hunting.

silly Halloween card
My mother-in-law, Cindy, found a Halloween card-making kit at a shop in Kansas. She didn’t have time to make the cards, so she gave the kit to me. This particular card was sent to my nephew. I loved this design because it was a huge googley eye! What fun.
Spooky wreath
The first wreath was so fun, I had to make another. This time I didn’t even use Pinterest or any other instructional guide, I just made it up!
First, I wrapped a styrofoam wreath with black yarn. I liked the vibrant yarn that I also found at Michaels, and really wanted to use it, too. It just felt appropriate for a Halloween wreath. I took leftover fabric and paint from my rag wreath to make the banner that reads “Spooky”.
Better call the ghostbusters
We had this ghost from last year. I’m pretty sure we found it in the Target Dollar Spot. I had a good little giggle when I placed this guy next to Chris’s Lego town. From some angles inside the apartment, it really did look like the ghost was terrorizing the neighborhood!
Leafy jack-o-lantern
I used my college textbook, Michael Dirr’s Handbook of Woody Landscape Plants to copy some of my favorite autumn leaves onto paper. Once I had my template, I used that to make my leafy jack-o-lantern. From left to right the leaves belong to the following trees: American sweetgum, white ash, white oak (top), black tupelo (bottom), and red maple.
our decorated apartment

Chris and I hope your Halloween was delightfully spooky!


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