Our New Favorite Pastime

The weather here was too gloomy and overcast for Chris to do his outdoor filming today, so he finished what he could this morning and then we decided to head out to run a few errands.

We ended up in Old Town Alexandria at a great little yarn shop.

Selection of yarn at Fiber Space in Alexandria

The store clerks were very nice and did a great job of coming up to me and asking if I needed any help.

“Oh, no,” I would begin to explain, “My husband is the one who knits in our family. You’ll have to ask him.”

And then I would watch their heads slowly explode with excitement as they processed what I had said. I think that’ll become my new favorite pastime. Explaining that my husband knits and watching people’s reactions.

I’ve already gained a fabulous pair of wool leg warmers (perfect for winter in the apartment when Chris is usually warm and I am consistently chilly). His new project is a snood and matching pair of mittens.

Soon he’ll try to teach me how to knit, but for now I’ll enjoy the shocked look on someone’s face when I get to explain that my husband knit the scarf or mittens that I’ll be wearing this season.